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Clown in Window

Clown in Window

Earlier this week I was notified that one of my entries had been selected as a finalist in the Photographer’s Forum’s 28th Annual Spring Photography Contest. “Clown in Window” was taken during my 2006 trip to Amsterdam. It was originally a color image – of which I made several versions, varying cropping, saturation, etc. One of the versions was a desaturated black and white image that highlighted the markings on the window.

I think the allure of this image is twofold. First is the sad expression on the clown’s face – always a poignant contradiction. Second is the markings on the window and the reflected city scene – with the clown staring sadly out the window. Is he sad because of what he is observing, because he cannot join the bustling crowd, or because he has no one to play with?


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