About Me

Although I had dabbled in photography since the early 1980’s, I experienced something of a creative renaissance during a trip to Amsterdam in November of 2006. I was part of an eclectic entourage traveling with Carolyn Wonderland on her annual trip to promote Texas blues at Amsterdam’s premier hole-in-the-wall blues club – Malo Melo. The music was awesome (anytime Carolyn plays it’s awesome), and I had the days free to explore this magnificent city with my newly acquired Canon Digital Rebel Xt.

Since then, I have earned recognition in a number of juried photography contests, have had some of my work displayed at art shows, and have had some of my work published in national photography annuals.

My daughter Connor is quite an artist in her own right. Like many other teens, she spends a lot of time on the computer, but it’s productive time. She uses PhotoShop and other graphic art programs to draw and color incredible Manga figures. I’ll certainly be posting on her work and will upload some of her better pieces.

I hope you enjoy my photoblog – and please don’t hesitate to participate if you are so inclined.

God bless. John


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